What is HARA?

Housing Association Residents Action (HARA) is an independent organisation for all residents of housing associations – tenants, shared owners and leaseholders.

The management of the housing association movement is making very poor decisions and becoming more and more commercial.

The original principles of the housing association movement built up over the last 60 – 70 years are being trampled down by self interest and greed.

We are organising to defend residents but also to struggle for the core principles of the housing association movement – that everyone has a right to housing.

Amongst our current battles are:

for democracy within housing associations and the end of management selecting ‘resident representatives’;

the fight against the sale of existing social rent homes;

proper protections for shared owners and leaseholders against unfair increases in service charges and Long Term Qualifying Agreements in maintenance contracts;

against yet more rent rises for tenants (both secure tenants and assured tenants – who face rent rises in April 2020) ;

and for proper repairs and maintenance services.