People of Marseille protest after terrace of flats collapses, killing eight.

Protest after housing in a deprived area of central Marseille in France collapses killing eight people in early November 2018.

On Saturday 10 November, a protest march of some 8,000 people was held in Marseille – France’s second city

The people were protesting about the low quality of housing in the poorer districts of the city after apartment blocks collapsed on 5 November killing 8 people.

Just like the Grenfell disaster silent marches on 14th of each month, this protest was silent. But press reports say that as it passed fire fighters responding to the accident, the people broke into applause. 

The press suggest that some 100,000 people in Marseille are without decent housing and that the local government is blamed. There had been calls for the responsibility for housing management to be removed from the local government and the mayor of Marseille before the deaths occurred.

‘It is not right that in 2018 in the second city of France, apartment blocks collapse’ said one of the demonstrators. 

Press reports suggested that the the task of searching the ruins have been made more difficult because the surrounding buildings are so weak (2).


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