Shareholding and Board


Recognise tenants as the long term members of a Housing Association who provide its lifeblood turnover through their rents,  by making them the shareholders of the company.

  1. All Board Members to be subject to re-election at shareholder AGMs, and a majority to be nominated and elected by tenant-shareholders.
  1. Both a Register of Board Members’ interests and a Statement of each member’s understanding of, and commitment to, social housing to be publically available and annually updated.

National Housing Federation

  1. A Government requirement that no hindrance or prohibition be put on Tenants or other Board Members freely discussing Board debates and decisions with tenants.
  1. A Similar requirement that no secrecy be practiced by HAs in the form of Non-Disclosure Contracts, pay-offs, bribes or threats.
  1. Duly constituted Tenant Organisations to be welcomed as full members of the NHF and the natural representatives of Social Housing.


  1. HAs above 20,000 households to be broken up into geographically coherent entities.
  1. A commitment by all HAs that they will at least maintain, and endeavour to increase the number of SOCIAL (approx 30% market) RENT TENANCIES.
  1. An absolute limit of £120,000 (4.5 times the National average salary) to be set for executive pay and all executive salaries which will be published on the HA’s website.
  1. Term of office of the CEO not to exceed the maximum term of of service for Board Members (currently 9 years according to NHF Guidelines)


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