Outside City Hall protesting against HA policies. Not your normal protest..

Definitely not your normal protest – no slogans, no shouting, the microphone was not used. 

An hour of discussion, debate and networking as housing activists from across London talked about the fight for housing justice outside City Hall. This was just before London Assembly Housing Committee members put question to the CEOs of four major housing associations.  

Housing Associations Residents Action (HARA), Social Housing Action Campaign (SHAC), Fuel Poverty Action, residents from Hexagon, Network, Peabody Family Mosaic and Notting Hill Genesis were there. The occupiers at Tidemill came out to support – they are fighting for the preservation of Tidemill Wildlife Gardens and for the construction of social rent homes. The hearing for their judicial review is on 17 October . 

Sian Berry, Green Party, who is one of the London Assembly’s Housing Committee members who pushed for the questioning of CEOs, came out and chatted to the protestors. 

She said that the question that residents and organisation had sent them were really useful. The two hour session of Q and As with housing associations CEOs was basically the only way that the London Assembly has to hold private housing associations to account. Despite the Mayor giving housing associations huge amounts of money, there is little oversight about how housing associations operate. 

After an hour the protest ended. 

We will be reporting on the London Assembly’s Q and A session with the CEOs in a separate Post

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