Peabody discriminates against those on benefits. 

Peabody discriminates against those on benefits. 

So…Members of Parliament are urging (private) landlords to accept tenants who rely on benefits. The Guardian quotes a renter saying:

“In the 1950s it used to be no blacks, no Irish, no dogs,” said Philippa Lalor, a 36-year-old renter from Croydon who has been repeatedly refused a home. “Now we have ‘no DSS’. It is in the shop window.”

But on the Ex-Crown Estates that Peabody bought up –  they still specify it. Residents say:

‘The “philanthropic” charity that is The Peabody housing association lets homes on our estate in The East End of London to key workers on their Choice Based Letting scheme. One of the qualifications is that applicants must “Be able to pay rent without recourse to public funds e.g.Housing benefit.”

It is not just Rachmanite landlords who deny tenants homes if they require public funds to avoid recourse to food banks in order to afford the rent. It is also landlords who receive significant public funds themselves, such as the loan to Peabody from the GLA for their potentially profitable Holloway prison site re-development.

We know that there are tenants in full time work who have to use foodbanks here. This is one of the many sorts of tenancy that lurks behind the casual term “Affordable”.’

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