20,544 evictions by social landlords



24 Housing magazine has just published an article saying that social housing landlords (those pretending to be charities) are evicting 20,544 tenants yearly. 

And the journalist, Barry Marlow, who wrote the article says that no one knows what happens to those who are evicted. 

The journalist goes on to say that social landlords started 77,733 claims for possession last year. 

And what he did not mention is that the National Housing Federation – the association looking after housing association bosses – say they built 41,556 new homes in 2017/2018, of which only 4,502 were for social rent (1). 

So just so you know…..

20,544 evictions by social landlords. 

77,733 claims for possession by social landlords. 

Only 4,502 desperately needed social rent homes built by housing associations out of a total of 41,556 homes (the rest are out-of-reach for most people). 

And final point. Housing associations call themselves ‘charities.’ 


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