Worcester Park fire. Metropolitan Thames Valley and the non-disclosure of Fire Risk Assessments

Worcester Park fire. Metropolitan Thames Valley and the non-disclosure of Fire Risk Assessments

Fire in Metropolitan block

On 9 September, there was serious fire at Sherbrooke Way, Worcester Park owned by Metropolitan Thames Valley.  

A year ago in the Question and Answer session with four housing association CEOs at City Hall on October 4 , Geeta Nanda, the CEO of Metropolitan was asked if Metropolitan disclosed Fire Risk Assessments (FRAs) to residents. She replied: 

“..we haven’t as yet, again we are looking at it (1).”

National Housing Federation (NHF) tells HARA that FRAs should be made available

In an exchange of letters between HARA and the National Housing Federation (the HA bosses’ association) a few months ago they said:

“Our view is that FRAs should be made available when requested by residents. As you say, we would welcome any information from you where you have evidence that isn’t happening so we have as full a picture as possible to inform our work and our discussions with our members.”

Nothing on Metropolitan’s website about disclosure of FRAs

So HARA looked on the Metropolitan website for any page which allowed residents to ask for disclosure of the FRA for their block/building. We couldn’t find anything so we asked Metropolitan if they disclosed FRAs when residents asked for them. They gave a standard response on the Worcester Park fire which did not answer the question.

So it appears the residents cannot obtain FRAs from Metropolitan. 

HARA is not suggesting that, if there had been disclosure of the FRA, the outcome at Worcester Park would have been different. 

But when even the NHF – the HA bosses association – is saying all housing associations should disclose FRAs and Metropolitan promised to look into it, why is there is still problem with disclosure of Fire Risk Assessments at Metropolitan?

  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=2&v=GVnorNiEP2c

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