Protest against phoney ‘residents involvement’ and hypocritical ‘customer experience! 25th and 26th February

There are two ‘customer experience’ conferences for executives of housing associations on 25th and 26th February. Please come to protest outside both of them if you can!

The conferences are put on by competitors going for housing association money – our rents and service charges.

Tickets are going for up to £580. Out of 65 speakers, only 3 are residents.

The sheer hypocrisy of these two conferences is astonishing – even by the standards of the current housing association movement.

The conference will praise phoney ‘residents involvement’ with ‘selected resident representatives’ – a crude tactic through which housing associations make sure that residents have no voice or democratic control of housing associations.

There will be much ‘hypocritical’ talk about ‘customer experience.’ While housing association residents suffer appalling repairs, soaring rents and services charges and watch desperately needed social rent housing being sold off.

Bu there is something they won’t talk about –  the pathetically small number of social rent homes the housing association movement actually builds.

We know it is tricky time in the morning before work (The Monday protest starts at 8:00am and the Tuesday one starts at 8:30).

But if you can, come out to protest at these conferences.




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