Awards? Why? What for?

26th April demonstration against commercialisation of HAs. 
Residents and staff of housing associations held a demonstration at the ‘Alternative Housing Award’ ceremony outside the housing associations’ UK Housing Awards’ at the Royal Lancaster Hotel in Bayswater on Wednesday 26 April.
Genesis won the ‘Most Rotten Repairs’ award outside on the pavement where some 60 demonstrators denounced the commercialisation of the housing association movement.
We were astonished that Genesis managed to get the award. When you think of the strong competition from other similar housing associations like Clarion (it was Circle before a recent merger) which has had to promise to buy back sub-standard homes on the Orchard Estate in East London.
But joking aside. This was a protest agains the loss of principle of the senior management of housing associations.
Housing association executives from large associations continue with the same old stories about their ‘social purpose’ – now largely disappeared.
CEOs claim that they are building low rent housing – but in reality fewer and fewer each year as housing associations build for market rent and for sale only. They talk about their ‘charitable’ aims – lost long ago in the stampede for high executive pay and working with developers and estate agents.
People deserve better than this.

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